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Tarkett Overview


offers a range of products, ideal for the following environments:


• Healthcare                     • Indoor Sporting

• Education                      • Retail/Hotel

• Offices                           • Housing


Founded in 1886, Tarkett is a world leader in the vinyl flooring industry. With a diversified and professional team, Tarkett invests in innovation, materials and technologies to make people’s lives safer, more productive and comfortable in workplaces, living spaces or while having fun. Throughout the world, the Tarkett group is recognized as a provider of creative and high-performance flooring & walling solutions that cater to the most varied projects.


  •  More than 130 years of experience in the manufacture of floors

  • •  Products that adapt to diverse specifications and needs of the market


Tarkett offers Floorcoverings for every need from vinyl & linoleum sheeting which is ideal for healthcare, education and commercial environments to the stylish and increasingly popular Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT).


Tarkett’s popular resilient homogeneous vinyl flooring includes:

• Plus Range • Premium Range • iQ Range


BEI has installed Tarkett vinyl floor coverings throughout Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean at several health facilities & hospitals, libraries, schools, offices and supermarkets. Tarkett’s Premium range of homogeneous vinyl flooring continues to be the floor of choice for economical reasons. It is low maintenance, needing no additional surface treatment such as polish or wax when exposed to normal wear and tear thereby greatly reducing life cycle costs.


The Tarkett range also includes Walling products as follows:


ProtectWALL 1.5 & 2: a unique 1.5mm & 2mm high-performance wall covering solution, ideal for areas that require a high level of impact resistance, such as corridors in healthcare & education environments. ProtectWall is easy to clean and maintain and is also available in a Clean Room option.

Wallguard: with its 1.3mm thickness this is the perfect solution for areas that need special protection, e.g. healthcare, laboratories and light industry.

Aquarelle Wall/HFS: at just under 1mm thick, it provides a waterproof walling installation ideal for wet room & shower applications, with fresh colours, modern designs and borders. It is hygienic and easy to maintain.



Resilient vinyl floor coverings for commercial, industrial & domestic use including:


     1. Eclipse Premium

     2. Vylon Plus

     3. Luxury Vinyl Tiles


- Sports Flooring


- Laminate

- Wood

- Walling