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Modular Bench Desking




CONNEX- (Modular Bench Desking)

Through its twin fixed beam steel frame construction, Connex is robust enough to cope with the rigours of a busy office and is an ideal modular system for high density office spaces. Connex bench desking is based on one principle – simplicity. With its clean lines and elegant form, Connex offers a choice of classic tried and tested configurations from a single desk to hundreds of workstations in a wide variety of sizes to fit any office space. The legs can be shared between bench clusters, which not only look aesthetically pleasing, but save space and decreases costs, whilst incorporating very effective cable management.

The ability to sit and stand during the average working day has huge health benefits to the user, helping
to burn calories, boost energy levels, improve posture and promote mental well-being. In addition to
the numerous health benefits provided by periodic standing, studies show that Elev82 height adjustable
desks promote creativity, team interaction, collaboration, and the willingness to share ideas.
The Elev82 Touch desking range provides the ideal solution to address the issue of employees who have
a sedentary desk job who do not spend enough time standing during the working day. Sit-stand desks
create an environment where colleagues can collaborate at standing meetings before adjusting their
desk back to a seated height to continue with their routine tasks.

Desktops available in Beech, Maple, Oak, White, Walnut



25mm Desktops

Clean lines and balanced proportions make Connex a stand out in the modern office. Desktops are available in five finishes ensuring Connex looks the part in any office environment.

Bench Leg & Framework

The foundation of Connex is a powder coated square steel framework for enhanced strength and stability that forms the structure of the range - finished in silver or white.


Cable Management

Vertical cable management allows cables to rise from the floor via single leg and mass cable risers into shared cable trays to improve office aesthetics and safety.


Modular System

Connex is a modular workspace system for high density office spaces. Assembly per cluster is quick and easy through its highly engineered parts which further increase the system’s functionality.


Single Desk

Back to Back Desk 

Double Back to Back Desk Triple Back To Back Desk

Starter Unit Back to Back

Add-On Unit Back to Back


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