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Screens- (Desktop & Floor Standing)

Increasingly, businesses are moving away from dedicated single employee workspaces, towards more
flexible working environments, and bench desk systems are the ideal solution for high density open
plan workplaces. Fuze bench desks blend the best of European design with the highest workmanship
standards to span a wide range of applications and support the most creative of workspaces.
Fuze bench desks provide the perfect answer for a less corporate modern office. The simple, flexible
design naturally assimilates to the task or application at hand and the solid oak legs are built to last,
exemplifying elegance and sophistication. Fuze’s clean, functional lines and co-ordinated desktop finish
options offer everything you need to be inspired and productive.

Most people work in open plan offices which offer employees very little privacy, which can be cause for frustration at times. Offering a variety of designs and styles, our range of screens and partitions not only offer a degree of privacy, but they also provide the finishing touches of colour to office furniture and add character to any office space.

Desktop screens allow employees to be more focused on their work by helping to cut out colleague’s distracting and irritating telephone or computer sounds, in addition to improving office acoustics. Free standing floor screens provide visual, physical and acoustic barriers in any workspace by separating parts of the office into teams and groups or creating quiet work zones and breakout areas in open plan spaces. 




Aluminium Frame Screens

Distinctive, aesthetically pleasing desk mounted aluminium frame screens with straight fabric or glazed screen options which are ideal for any modern workplace


Vibe Desk & Floor Screens

Our selection of Vibe fabric screens are a stylish way to divide desks and provide an element of seclusion and privacy, combining a slim profile with a robust and durable construction

Acoustic Floor Screens

Piano screens provide open plan offices and breakout spaces with acoustic absorption which are not only colourful additions to the office aesthetics, but also pertinent to the task at hand



For more information on Dams Screens click here




Straight Desk Mounted Screen


Wave Desk Mounted Screen


Straight Fabric Screens


Straight Glazed Screens


Desktop Screen - 400mm High


Desktop Screens - 600mm and 800mm High


1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm High Solid Floor Screen


1200mm, 1500mm & 1800mm High Floor Screen


1200mm & 1500mm High Floor Screens