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Multi-function Color Copier

Office Equipment

 This division has been in operation from inception in 1994, and has shown continual growth...

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Office Furniture

Established in 1996 our Office Furniture division has become a reliable supplier to wide cross section of business...

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Our experience in the supply and installation of resilient vinyl is very extensive, particularly in the healthcare...

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About Us



Business Equipment and Interiors International Limited (formerly Business Equipment International Limited) was established in 1994 and has developed a distribution portfolio of quality international brands in the Caribbean for Office Equipment, Office Furniture and Interiors. The company is able to provide its many customers with a quality range of products and services to meet the current and future needs of the modern business. The strength of our organization is in our ability to provide our customers with superior quality products and service.


Business Equipment and Interiors International Limited is a dynamic, innovative company that has a strategic outlook for the provision of relevant future-driven corporate office, healthcare and education products and services. We are continually evaluating our market competitiveness and taking action to be a dominant player in the regional landscape.  We represent companies whose reputation for quality and service is consistent with our objective of superior quality at all levels.



Our Vision


“To be the leading provider of all our products and services.”



Our Mission

“To ensure our customers have an efficient operating environment by providing competitively priced, technologically innovative, quality products delivered by a highly trained group of customer service professionals.”


Our Board of Directors


Earl Wilson C.A. F.C.C.A. MBA Finance -Chairman/Managing Director

Beverly A. Wilson B.Sc. Indus. Eng./F.C.C.A. -


Ulric F. O’Neal B.Sc. Civil Eng./MBA Marketing -


Stafford Yorke A.C.C.A. - Director

Shevaunne Sosnowski B.Sc. Indus. Eng./MBA Project Management - Director