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Altro Overview










Why Altro safety flooring?

Altro slip-resistant safety flooring is a modern solution, meeting the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

• Slip-resistant, even when wet, throughout lifetime of floor

• Impervious surface, grout-free

• Coves to wall joints for rounded corners

• Contains Altrosan integral bacteriostat to combat bacterial growth

• Incorporates Altro Easyclean Technology for improved cleanability

• Resilient surface, comfortable underfoot, contributes to reduced ambient noise levels

• Homogeneous and heterogeneous options available in high quality PVC, which have aggregates throughout the wear layer of the floor, to guarantee long-lasting performance

• Anti-static option available (Altro Walkway 20 SD)


How vinyl safety flooring works

Altro safety flooring appears smooth on the surface but the pressure created by walking over the safety flooring causes the aggregates in the flooring to stand proud and rub against the shoe, creating friction. Because of this, Altro safety flooring remains slip resistant, even with spillages upon it.



Altro Stronghold 30, Altro Classic 25, Altro Atlas 40, Altro Aquarius, Altro Marine 20

Areas like busy commercial kitchens and wet environments have additional contaminants, which are continuously present and spillages cannot be avoided. The likelihood of a slip is significantly increased, raising the slip risk level to “extremely high”. These locations demand safety flooring that retains a slip risk level of one in a million with contaminants such as grease, oil, shampoo and shower gels. That’s serious safety.




Altro Reliance 25, Altro Wood Safety, Altro Walkway 20, Altro XpressLay, Altro Tungsten


In many commercial areas your slip risk is not as high as the specialist area types described above. But, your patrons, patients, students and employees still deserve to be secure on their feet — and you deserve peace of mind. We offer slip resistant flooring that meets and exceeds safety standards. It reduces the risk of slips and falls and looks good doing so. It has become a practical and durable commercial flooring solution in a variety of application areas.





Altro Symphonia, Altro Wood Smooth, Altro Wood Smooth Acoustic, Altro Zodiac Smooth, Altro Lavencia LVT, Altro Quartz Tile, Altro Dolce Tile, Altro Dolce Essentials


Altro smooth flooring has had a significant makeover. Featuring smooth sheet, vinyl tile, quartz tile and LVT looks that offer versatile, flexible designs that are easy to maintain and install. Most of our smooth color palette has been hand selected to coordinate and contrast with our wall cladding and safety flooring, and slip resistant flooring ranges.






Altro Puraguard Hygienic Walling

Altro Puraguard wall panels are smooth, durable, cleanable, and easy to install. Altro Puraguard is impact resistant, making it a top choice for wall protection in commercial kitchens and food service areas.

Altro Puraguard is available in 4’ x 9’ and 4’ x 10’ panels sizes and includes a variety of connectors, reducers, and corner accessories. This makes Altro Puraguard extremely efficient and easy to install. This greatly minimizes downtime, a must for busy commercial kitchens! Create a complete floor and wall kitchen solution by combining Altro Puraguard wall panels and accessories with Altro safety flooring. The easy to maintain, hygienic PVC surface will help assure that your kitchen is clean and that food is safe for consumption.



Click here to visit Altro's website.