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Gradus Accessories Overview


Flooring Accessories


Gradus Accessories is the market leader in contract flooring accessories and offers the widest choice in product solutions for stairs and floors.  All products are designed to meet the safety, performance and aesthetic requirements of architects, specifiers and contractors across world markets. Gradus Accessories offers over 40 years experience in the innovation and design of market leading products suitable for use in a wide range of applications covering all sectors including commercial, retail, leisure, healthcare and education.

Barrier Matting Systems

An effective barrier matting system helps to minimise the risk of slip accidents caused by wet flooring, reduce maintenance costs and improve the appearance of internal floorcoverings by significantly reducing the amount of dirt and moisture tracked into a building.


Click here to view Barrier Matting Systems on the Gradus website.


Primary Barrier Matting   Secondary Barrier Matting   Hybrid Barrier Matting


Gradus offers an extensive range of barrier matting systems, providing an effective barrier against dirt and mositure at entrances, access points and other circulation areas in environments such as retail, education and healthcare. Helping to protect and increase the life cycle of surrounding floorcoverings, barrier matting also helps to reduce slip accidents and keep maintenance costs to a minimum.The Gradus SystemMatic approach to matting combines the use of primary barrier matting and secondary barrier carpet in different areas throughout a building to provide an attractive, functional solution, which ensures the effective removal of tracked-in dirt and moisture.



Skirtings, Cappings, Floor Trims & Transition strips

Skirting and capping

  Floor Trims

Skirtings & Cappings


Skirtings, cove formers and capping strips are used to provide a clean, neat solution for junctions where the floor meets the wall. Solutions are available to suit most applications in terms of safety, performance and aesthetics. 

Cappings Seals, Carpet Caps and Tile Caps can be used with Cove Formers as an alternative to a full skirting.



Click here to view Skirtings & Cappings on the Gradus website.


Floor Trims & Transition strips


In addition to providing an aesthetic finish, transition strips reduce the risk of accidents for pedestrian traffic by providing a safe link between floorcoverings. A transition strip can also provide a

safe joint where wheeled traffic is expected and ensures that trolleys can move freely between different types and heights of floorcovering, reducing the risk of trolleys tipping over. Gradus offers a comprehensive range of transition strips.


Click here to view Floor Trims & Transition strips on the Gradus website.


Stair Edgings, Trims & Stairtile Slip-Resistant Flooring

Stair edgings


Stairtile Slip-Resistant Flooring

Stair Edgings & Trims


Providing a very extensive range, Gradus stair edgings can help to reduce accidents on stairs as well as ensuring an ‘inclusive’ environment giving access to all building users. In addition, stair edgings are used to define the step edge and help protect the edges of floorcoverings from becoming damaged.


Gradus stair edgings are offered in a choice of materials, 4 profile designs to accommodate most step shapes in a choice of single, double or multiple channel options dependent on traffic levels and conditions, with a choice of gauges available to suit most floorcoverings. Safety Stair Edgings are available for applications from light to heavy duty or industrial use.


Click here to view Stair Edgings & Trims on the Gradus website.


Stairtile Slip-Resistant Flooring

Stairtile is a rubber composite material designed to provide a hard-wearing, slip-resistant finish for stairs and floors. It can be installed in a wide range of applications such as shopping centres, car parks and other high usage circulation areas. It can be used as a complete stair covering or as an insert set into terrazzo, wood and concrete. Stairtile is suitable for use in both internal and external applications and is available in a choice of 4 colours. 

Click here to view Stairtile on the Gradus website
Click here to view Stairtile on the Gradus website.


Click here to visit Gradus' website